Multimedia communications with a visual passion. It's all about story telling with a compelling script as well as setting the mood with lighting and camera movement.

About us

PMC is a Midwest United States based production company that works internationally. We have over 30 years of award winning production and support credits. We are producers of creative multimedia communications and can provide freelance crews as well as complete productions. We provide our business to business clients with professional motion picture, television and live event support. We provide our television and multimedia customers with production services from concept to completion. We have a staff writer/producer, director, DP, sound department, colorist and editor.

  • From Concept to Completion

    Our expertize is in taking your ideas and developing them into an effective communications presentation. We have helped produced many programs for broadcast and cable television, product promotion, training and sales.

  • Freelance Crews

    Whether you need a director of photography, location sound recordist, colorist/editor or teleprompter operator, we can provide that expertise for you.

  • Multimedia

    We can produce your interactive training and sales presentation in Articulte Storyline for worldwide deployment.

  • Video & Audio

    We shoot with Sony and Arri cameras, Sound Devices location sound equipment and edit with Adobe CC 2019 Master Suite for project and creative sharing.

Allow us to help you realise your vision.


Our work

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Behind the Scenes

What our clients are saying about us.

Project Title – 2020 Presidential Race "To a group of people [PMC STUDIOS] who barely slept, raced to airports on short notice, and brought us incredible coverage of a very interesting few days on the trail: A very big thank you. You made great TV, did some outstanding journalism, and made us look good. It was noticed, and appreciated." Steve Brusk, CNN Operations

Project Title – TeamSTEPPS: Reducing Errors in Perioperative Care “Nancy and Kent—we spent about 3 hours today reviewing the content – Great Job! You guys are amazing” Elaine Martin, RN, MSN, CNOR, Director Clinical Function, Perioperative, University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics

Project Title – Rare Disease Challenges: Support for Patients & Families “I think you guys did such a beautiful job of producing and editing it!” Jody Jones, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery - Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery

Project Title – Atypical HUS Family Conference What masterful editing – While I’m not sure who other PMC clients might be, and how meaningful their video productions might be for the world at large, know that the fine work of PMC makes a tremendous positive impact for our aHUS patients and their families! By the way, I keep seeing how much people love Dr. Jones’ video....I see where a rare disease organization in Turkey has picked it up. Yup, proud of your fine efforts in the rare [disease] arena!!!” Linda Burke, Founder, Interactive aHUS Outreach and Education

Project Title – Breathing Easier, Radon Education for Physicians and Patients “It has been a pleasure to work with you and Nancy. I do hope we can develop another project in the future. If you ever need a referral or someone wishes to speak with a past client, feel free to use me. I have nothing but excellent things to say! Keri L. N. Mercer, MPH, CHES, LPN Cancer Information Specialist

Breathing Easier - cont. “I have just seen the video and am so impressed by the information given, and by the sensitive way it is delivered; this is not an equation to be learned, but something that affects the lives of those we care about. You've done a more than masterful job with this video. I shared it this morning with my mother, who loved Richard like a son, and my sister and brother-in-law. We were all touched by the video. Thank you for all your hard work, your sensitivity, and for the passion to get this information out. Gratefully, Bev Williams”

Breathing Easier - cont. “EPA is setting up a link on their main page [to the PMC produced video] and hope to have an active blog about it. They asked me to moderate the blog. I could not think of better partners than PMC.” William Field, PhD, MS Professor Department of Occupational and Environmental Health Department of Epidemiology College of Public Health

Project Name - WellMe in 3: Wellness in the Workplace “Looks great, nicely done. I am so pleased with this product and excited about its potential.” Sharon Tucker, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Executive Fellow Alumna Director of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice


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